Play It Forward Sponsorships: Uplifting Australia's Future Sports Legends

The Play It Forward Initiative by TLG is a sponsorship program that aims to donate funds to individuals and sporting clubs in need. This initiative provides financial assistance to children, teenagers, and other individuals of all abilities who are striving to advance their sporting career. In addition, it supports sporting clubs that are struggling to recover financially due to unforeseen circumstances or impacts, giving their young athletes another chance to get back into the game.

Who Should Apply?
We primarily aim to support individuals aged from 12 yrs old to adults, along with those who are taking the first steps in their pro career. Additionally, we'll be helping out sporting clubs who need financial aid due to hardships. 

How Do I Qualify?
Please fill out the nomination form below. Funds will be allocated based on the individual's or club's demonstrated need and commitment to sport. Recipients will submit an application, outlining their sporting goals, dedication, and the reason behind their financial need. 

While the program is not limited to golf, we welcome young golfers and trainee pros to apply. Our primary objectives are to inspire hope, support athletic growth, encourage community involvement, and promote TLG as a trusted partner in supporting the sports community.

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