How do the giveaways work?

When you purchase any TLG golf gear, you receive FREE entries into the current giveaway. 

Do I receive ticket numbers?

Yes. You will receive an email that contains your ticket numbers and the draw date.

Are my entries valid for every TLG giveaway?

Your entries are valid for the current giveaway when you purchase (for weekly giveaways, your entries are valid for the entire month of the promotional period). You will receive an email with the current draw details and your entry numbers.

Can I be an anonymous winner?

It is a condition of entry that prize winners agree to have their first name and photo published for marketing purposes. We include this condition so that people can see that there are real winners to ensure transparency and trust.

Who can enter the giveaways?

You must purchase any TLG product and be 18+ to enter our giveaways. 

How many times can I enter the giveaways?

As many times as you like! You can purchase additional golf balls or accessories to gain more entries into the giveaway.

How do you pick the winner?

We use an independent electronic draw system on the nominated draw date.


If you’re the winner we’ll call and email you within 24 hours of the draw being completed. The winner is also published on our socials so make sure you’re following us!

Is this legit?

Yes, The Lucky Golfer is a registered Australian business (88 668 503 777) and holds the relevant trade promotion permits (TP/02837) to conduct our giveaways. We use the giveaways as a promotional tool to grow brand awareness and reward our customers!